Sample CD’s

Does anyone know where to find oldskool sample cd’s like jungle warfare etc…

what you doing even having an optical drive in 2018 m8 come on now

but for real, producer-oriented torrent sites are probably your best bet.
or ebay if you want to actually own the physical.

Haha thanks lol

Could you give me any good torrent site for music production?

Mod edit: no piracy discussion please

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My laptop didn’t come with an optical drive so I bought an external one because I have loads of CD’s including sample CD’s.

i pirated a few synths about 16 years ago and haven’t pirated any music stuff since
and come on man nobody’s gonna link you shit in public. use your head.


Yo what sample cd’s have u got

I’ve been ripping some things off YouTube.

What stuff?

I mostly go there for vocals to sample but you really can find anything


Check 6blocc’s bandcamp. He’s got some nice sample packs over there.

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I’d just look up stuff and download the audio from youtube. Other than that, maybe check out some local shops that sell that kind of thing. Sometimes you can luck out and get stuff from garage sales and whatnot too.

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