Sample library size


I’m wondering what size is your typical sample library and how much of it do you actually use? Also, do you sample stuff yourself? Like the oldie goldie roots vinyls

I got some samples from the web and a bit sampled myself but feels like most of them do not suit me

18gb, nothing not used afaik, prob 10% my own field recordings/weird Reaktor stuff i made

Mine is 18.9 GB. I recently set up a new laptop and that was an issue on my old one; I was running out of drive space so I was shuffling things around.

That was one of the projects I did over the weekend. I put my old production desktop on my LAN. I had a shared folder set up already and I started retrieving a lot of my old samples, many of which were of me sampling my self.

This included all of my old Akai S5000 files.

If I had to be honest - counting all the samples in my possession including libraries on hard drives, various devices, and burned cd-roms from back in the day - I wouldn’t be surprised if I had upwards of 500GB kicking around of miscellaneous stuff (with maybe 5-10% of it being original). Mind you this is 20 years’ worth. I could stop getting new sounds right now and have more than enough for the rest of my life.

But these days I’m most inspired by only working with sounds I like - no more adding elements to “balance things out” or because they’re considered to be necessary to be a ____-style tune.

Less is more.


There’s so much good free stuff online (like BPB’s freebie alerts and the MusicRadar stuff) that when the inspiration strikes you can easily find a handful of solid loops/hits and get the song fleshed out quickly, then go back and add, replace, change, delete as necessary and only if you really need to.

I have about 24gb… a lot are duplicates(808s) or shit that i havent found a use for(vengeance house samples, cheesy dubstep loops). One of my friends has around 30-40 so im trying to aim for that target.

i deleted my sample librairies and plan to do a few tracks with only few synth and a micro, now i’m getting hard pain and no result but fun and synthesis progress are on the way :slight_smile:

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Another approach - novel for its obviousness - is to just sample things you like whenever you come across 'em.