Sample Spotting 2.0

yo when you think you’ve noticed some odd place where someone’s sampled from in a track or wanna ask if anyone else notices it

like here sweaaaar down the synth at times is a little bit from straight to hell by the clash


background of this around 1.16

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you can probably find something here

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oi don’t be leaking new ikonika shit on here man


Obvious 1

18 mins for some King Commodo:

  • Free Focus remix samples the end of America’s Most Blunted

There’s bare samples in the full version of this, Root, Badman VIP etc. (decent watch too)

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Blatantly stolen from the old thread…

around 2:03


swear down i can hear scooby doo going ‘gruuh!’ in the back ground of this throughout lool

More King Commodo at 1:45

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Epoch Steppenwolf @~ 1:10

Well done.


just watched the thing

  1. gully af

  2. the samples from sp:mc trust nobody! (sure this is ooold news)

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what other track is that bird whistley sample at 2:21 in? feel like it’s on the tip of my tongue…

Go dj?

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I know this isn’t to request the find of a sample, but

Does anyone know where he found the evil laugh near the start of the song? or know where I can get it? It would mean a heap.

Didn’t see that reply till now but yeah man you right that was it

watching 7 samurai tonight and wouldn’t u know it there’s the horn sample from 9 samurai

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I went into the movie not knowing about the sample. That moment of realization though.

i had a very strong hunch it was gonna be in there

pretty sure the dvd case cover was the artwork for gemmy- warrior too

cool film, glad i’ve crossed that off the list

you should see “High and Low” next. Top 5 Kurosawa

will chek

oh yeah met benny ill at dmz, kinda froze up and just asked him where the samples were from in

he said this

he also said don’t watch it it’s crap

made me think of that bit in that dubstep documentary where he’s sitting in front of his wall of vhs tapes haha