Sampling like Muru Masa/Young Bae

First off everything Muru Masa and Dallas Cotton (Formerly Young bae) have been putting out recently is awesome. The problem for me is not finding the 70’s disco/soul samples because i’ve got an abundance of those actually. The problem is using them in the right way. I always kind of scoffed at sample based production because it never felt that creative or maybe i’m just doing it wrong. Either way, I use Live 9 and sampler/simpler just don’t feel like they handle chops well, especially vocal samples. I find whenever I try and change the note of the sample to fit what i’m working with it totally fucks the sample in everyway possible. is melodyne the standard for re-pitching samples or am I just not using ableton’s built in sampler right?

Also I never understood the whole sample process, it seems like some people micro sample and some people just take a bar from the original song being sampled, rip it, re pitch it, loop it, add drums, and then wam bam there’s a track.

Any insight from adept samplers would be dope!