Sarb - dub like wise owl WIP

new ting. give it a listen and drop a comment please!
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Mix is sick. Drums are sick. Sax is sick.
You’re sick.

Since it’s still a WIP, I’d like to chime in that there’s a whistly sound that I think would sound cool as a plucked sound.

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Bless up man! Will have a try with a plucked sound an see what’s good, thanks for the kind words and suggestion!

Listening thriugh again and thinking maybe don’t swap it altogether, but layer it at certain points.

I took your advice into consideration, spent some time trying to find the right plucked sound to layer with but had no luck! it worked perfectly in my head, just not practically, for me anyway. thanks tho man. Ive made the track public on soundcloud now, heres the link, feel free to like and share!