Satisfaction in your productions

We all want to share our art. I have never met an artist that doesn’t want to share their art with the world.
When developing your skills experimentation, search for knowledge and feed back are pillars of progressing.
but remember true success as a musician is when you are your own biggest fan and knock your own tunes more than any else.

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Well… in a way… can’t argue with that logic, since a person should feel good about the taste and skills and other stuff of ones self. Although, in my opinion… be aware of TOO MUCH of narcissism though, ain’t that good to think that one is better than others… although in a way it is good to feel good… it’s a two way street to respect everything that is you and over-respecting it… just saying… as long as everyone would be happy without anyone else being too unhappy would make me kind of happy… i dunno know… i’m out…