Save Yourself Time & Direct Dubstep Haters Here

I’m by no means some Dubstep savant, nor do I know the ins and outs of every artist and category. But I know music and I know an idiot when I hear one.

I’m on a boatload of general music forums and the same stupidity comes up every time someone mentions dubstep. The same 5 angles to the same argument repeat themselves over and over in the same order.

So I decided to save myself time from engaging and repeating myself by “debunking” these basic arguments:

I suggest you do the same and save your brain power for something interesting, like writing another dubstep track.

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Kind of outdated tbh… Were living in the post-brostep era where robot noises and dubstep influences can be found in every genre of electronic music.

  1. most millenials are used to electronic music and electronic sounds. The only people who claim that electronica isnt real music are pissed of musicians and old people.
  2. same as above
  3. i get this a lot but it isnt with dubstep specifically but electronica and edm in general. Even the hip hop kids are freaked out by the amount of drugs they think we use. I like the stereotype really
  4. same argument as 1
  5. same as 1 too
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lol, I’m glad

Tbh the main reason I don’t like brostep is because it is all in general quite similar. Artists tend to make similar sounds that follow a similar pattern. Most electronic music is like this, sure, but I feel it’s even harder to distinguish two different brostep artists than a lot of other genres (except the hardcore dance stuff like house)

(This is directed at point #5 BTW)

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i thought you meant direct them to dsf

probably wouldn’t do much to improve their opinion on people who listen to dubstep


The proper reply to a hater is to SMASH HIS FUCKIN’ FACE, maaaaaan. And then take a pull on yer zoot and put your hood up. Then nod slowly.

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I appreciate your post, but I have a small gripe with the terminology you use in point #4.

Dubstep isn’t random. It follows the rules of music theory (which is mathematical, the opposite of random)

Randomness is actually a field of mathematical inquiry, so it’s not technically correct to say that it’s the opposite of random, as you have.
Just saying this because any of the people this article is meant for who’ve a good background in the subject will call you out and sidetrack a discussion and that’s long for you.

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at first I thought: wtf u directing em here for?
but now I’m thinking: yeah bring it on,
I’m likely to have a lot in common with these so-called dubstep haters.

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any1 that doesnt like dubstep and its hard wobs isn’t even worth talking to. direct them to the wastepaper bin imo and also invite them to your fav deep house night

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2 — “Anyone Could Make This Crap. Just Smash Your Keyboard and Viola, Dubstep.”

Nice one! I’ve been waiting for this since that Dubstep Violin tune.


You could replace “Druggie” with any word and it’s just as stupid of an argument.

Dubstep isn’t random. It follows the rules of music theory (which is mathematical, the opposite of random)

As Jesslem said, stochastics would be the mathematical study of randomness. There are no “rules” of music theory, nor rules in the arts in general. Distorted or saturated sounds do have some level of apparent randomness.