Secret 140bpm weapons?

Wondering what tracks people like to throw into a 140bpm set that aren’t Dubstep?

I’ll start…

1 BigUp

Timbaland has loads of 140 bangers

My favorite go to one matching this description

1 BigUp

ya bish

1 BigUp


:cannon: clashes kinda but the vibe is right lol

spot the guy only playing 140 at home

If you’re playing hard as fucking nails then this will decimate all in its path.
I used to end sets with this and revel in the confusion.

143bpm but allow it.

also michael jackson’s beat it is around 140 bpm and even has a sorta steppy beat pattern

cut the low end of it halfway through and bring in burial - unite, if you can keep it beatmatched its a jam, trust me i’m a doctor


closer to ~142 so I gotta be on my toes when beatmatching. Needless to say it’s incredibly fun to listen to while blending with other 140 tracks