Seeking Advice For Bass Music/IDM Room

Hi there, just moved into a place that has some interesting dimensions and textures…

Right off the bat the ceiling is 8ft tall. The entrance is 3.1ft and to the left is a little 0.6 wall and beside that is a 2.5ft deep closet covered by a 3.11ft mirror slider door. To the right of the closet is a 1.7ft wall and to the right of that is a 5.10ft brick wall (to the ceiling) that goes in 1.6ft and to the right of that is a 4.6ft wall at which a 12.3ft wall connects (there is a 5.8x3.4ft width/height window), and connecting from that wall is a 13.9ft wall and connecting from that wall is 7.8ft wall and around the corner back to the entrance is a 2.9ft wall.

I don’t know anything about brick and acoustics at all but basically I am going to buy focal cms 65’s (unless according to my room someone suggests smaller/bigger) and for acoustic treatment would you think that this would be enough?:

x3: Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions

Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions OR Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions ??

Basically Im asking you guys what I need acoustic treatment wise according to my room AND WHERE I SHOULD SET EVERYTHING UP! Maybe ceiling panels would be needed too etc?