Seeking for a small-time Dubstep record label to submit to

I’m looking to submit a few demos, maybe find some promotion.
Just looking for a small soundcloud record label that promotes deep/dark dubstep.

May I ask why you’re looking for a small “soundcloud label”? What do you expect from such a move, and why wouldn’t you want to contact larger names?
Genuinely wondering btw, I do not intend to take the piss outta you. :wink:

Not really looking to make a big leap, just one small step at a time.

I’d properly send it too a few DJ’s first, getting radio plays and ripping them to your cloud is a great way to get people too listen to your music :smile:

There are a lot, I would look at what labels the artists you like are being released on. And if you don’t know any, maybe start listening to lesser known artists that fit in with what you envision. There are a lot of new dubstep labels opening up in the U.S.