Serato SL3 for cheap

I’m continuing to shed all my worldly possessions.

This time my very dear Rane Serato SL3. Blue edition, perfect working condition. Has all original cables (2 x rca cables, 1 x blue usb), 2x timecode vinyls and 2x timecode cds.

Has served me well over the years and kinda gutted to be selling it. But hopefully one of you big balling thug life money over errything mofos will carry on it’s premium heritage.

Cheapest I can see on ebay is £370 (shipped from 'Murica), this one is going for £350 to friends and DSF.

I used this as my external soundcard for ableton and logic as well as for Serato SDJ and Scratch Live. It’s fucking great.


Raise money for travelling.

While I would love to own that beautiful serato unit, there is no way I’m paying some $570 when all of these were being sold.

Just scroll down a little.

At your age?

Fair enough, although it’d $540 at todays exchange rate I think? Uk prices innit.

Couldn’t have afforded the luxury when I was younger.