Serum Bass Tips?

Hi there, if you guys have any tips for creating bass patches in serum that would be awesome :slight_smile:

What I know:
1 how to FM (to some degree)
2 how to use wavetables
3 I know how to use comb, reverb, and flange filters

That’s about it basically, just post what you do to create some gnarly patches :smiley:

Use LFOs to modulate EVERYTHING, I usually have 1 or 2 LFOs assigned to loads of different things, normally I’ll have LFO1 modulating wavetable positions, FM amounts, FX, filters, tuning etc and then maybe LFO2 would just be assigned to one or two parameters but more subtly

Some tricks I’ve picked up over time that I use in my own patches:

  • modulating delay on the chorus filter with the depth all the way down
  • Modulating the EQ filter in the distortion effect for more beef (if you set it to LP or BP, HP for more high end crunch)
  • modulating between different filters by modulating the dry wet knobs
  • as well as the main filters, you can modulate the EQ effect for more vocalness.
  • Using the Resample to OSC A to mess with the sound even more.
  • Drawing in your own wavetables
  • Using FM synthesis then importing the sound as a wavetable by entering the note and octave number in the wavetable editor (example: “F0”)
  • Setting the random knob to zero and then messing with the phases of your oscillators.
  • Using a macro as an aux source under the matrix tab for vibrato (LFO to master tuning)

Never thought of that, thanks!

What filters would you recommend to modulate together? Because I tried that today and I got really weird results with comb and reverb.

Try modulating between a high pass filter and a band pass filter (or low pass). This is a trick I picked up from one of Barley Alive’s tutorial videos.