Serum basses coming out noisy, wondering which factors are contributing?


Okay so I can’t provide an example cause I’m not at the computer but lately I’ve been finding my basses in serum always seem to come out sounding really noisy and kinda harsh or almost chalk board-ey lol wondering if it’s the filter I’m using or maybe I’m trying to do too much and it’s creating phase issues? ALSO, what are y’all doing to achieve super clean basses aside from eqing? Appreciate it! Have a good day


Usually for me when I have a too of a harsh bass I add chorus/flange/unison/reverb/ott to make it softer. But one thing is the wavetables you use and how much harmonics you have.


Go one step at a time and work out where the noise comes in. I reckon you’re clipping the signal with distortion of some kind, or even pushing the channel into the red


Thank you man! i am taking it a little bit easier on the diode lmao and I have been sifting through wavetables as opposed to just dropping a random one and expecting gold ya know? lol anyways thanks again :slight_smile:


The wavetable shit ia totally right, Ive been being more careful when choosing and being more aware of noisy tables. appreciate it man:) much love


No prob :wink: