Server maintenance, Sunday (19-08-2018)


I know a few users have been struggling with the fact they used a (now outdated) email to sign up to old dsf, and now their credentials are locked to old (sometimes inaccessible email accounts) any chance this new update could alleviate that? and make it easier to update an account with a new email address?

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Will your old credentials still work on the old forum? (Whenever that is back online)



I really enjoyed the scheduled server maintenance. You guys should book another one some time. No pressure.

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Couldn’t log in so had to reset password like Andy said, all good now!



Yes, emails now can be changed rather easily in Profile > Preferences > Email. No more lockouts.

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Yes, in one way or another :slight_smile:



awesome, great news




Facebook’s and Google’s login methods are now restored and should work.

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The old (archived) forum is back online. If you want to log in there, you will have to reset your password, but the passwords here and there will no longer be related/connected.

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I actually tried to log in yesterday to find something in SNH but it didn’t work so makes sense if it was down.
Only thing is i have deleted my old email address which was linked to the old forum.
I guess i’m screwed?
Is there a way we could have a pinned topic on here in SNH that has a read only version of the old SNH?



I’m getting a message saying that I am not authorised to request a new password on the old site.



Try again now. I’ve fixed a permission regarding it.

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I can change your e-mail address there if you want. PM me.

About the last question - I don’t know exactly how to migrate that content here.

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That worked!