Setup for a Bar

Hi All,

A friend is opening a bar and I’m assessing him with the music and sound installation. The place will have a lot of small/medium rooms and at the moment we are trying to choose the right speakers for the place. Because of the size of the rooms and the vibe they want to set (won’t be for dancing) I was thinking that active monitors would be the best solution as they give you a nice volume with ultra clear output, plus you can control the volume from each individual speaker.

At the moment I’m thinking of 5 pairs of speakers. Now, which is the best way to control them? Pre-amps? a small mixing desk? Music will probably come from a computer.

Please see the blueprint below - the bar is over two floors.

I own KRK monitors but think that Mackie’s might be better for this?

Anyway, if anyone has experience with this kind of setups and can give me some recommendations, tips, or anything it would be great!


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Very envious of this, would love to have my own bar at some point.
Are you on a tight budget ir can you afford more top of the range?

I’m envious too, but being a friends bar I can use it as mine hehe

Not a huge budget, around £4000 for speakers, cables and pre amp/desk

If your mate wants a really good system and you can afford it then i would suggest going through a company like this:

However Funktion 1 might be a bit overkill if they aren’t going to be used for music with a high dynamic range although you will get sweet mids and highs regardless.
Also if you don’t intend to play music loud then probably not such a good idea.
I personnally would go for it anyway but that is just me.
Good luck!

Ah seen, that would be too much then

Thanks man, but yeah - bit over the top.

Also, forgot to mention, this will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If you can find some used Roland MA-8BK micro monitors I think you’d be pleasantly surprised. Behringer makes a knockoff called the MS16 I think.

monitors are mostly nearfield and designed for accurate sound, not “good” sound, so they might not be the right choice. but yeah get the most expensive Adam monitors you can afford. make sure you strap them in well cos i know i’d want to steal them.

Thanks for the tips guys.

Think I will not got fornthe behringher’s no rolands, havent heard them but have bad reviews.

I thought of monitors as the rooms are quite small, but if I dont go for monitors - what would you recommend?

Also, any tips on outdoor speakers and preamps?