ShadowRaz - Habanero [Melodic Dubstep] (preview though)

Would appreciate some feedback on this little preview piece of mine:

Got my slicex working on Fl Studio, started playing around with it a day earlier for chopped vocals, after a while, started up on making a full single into which i would try to put some effort, this is the first drop (not even full drop as you can basically hear first 3 main chords only), more or less, although changes might occur when i continue with it.

Anyways, what do you think of the growls and drones and other sound designs? what about the composition itself? What about the way i chopped the vocals in there? Mixing and mastering?

Also, check out the name, yeeaah baby.

edit. additional information: used a lot of my old serum sound designs from my previous old projects (growl and screechy metallic drone and one distorted vowel like drone from the ‘Whatever’ project, then there are drones from ‘Restless’ & ‘Feel It’, re-used one lead sound design from more recent ‘Pump It’ as i’m not always that eager to design new sound designs for every song in order to save time and keep up with my will and excitement to produce so to speak, But did also design new designs, this time including and arp and melody bass with zebra2 (by the way, melodies are so easy to design that i basically design new for every time i design a melody sound, detuned saw waves usually, big whoop)

Would be huge in Japan.