Share the song you made that was "copied" from another artist

So every producer has listened to a great song and thought: “wow, i wanna do that”. I’m interested as to how close (or better) some people can get.

I remade Archangel ages ago


I bit Humber earlier this year. Inadvertently tbf, but yeah that happened.

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Not gonna lie I opened this thread hoping to hear Sonika’s remake of Skream’s Filth :confused:


He doesn’t come here anymore.

Here’s my rip off of Musilimgauze

also this one to a certain extent

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i dont understand

I do. I know I’ve unintentionally and sometimes, god forbid, even intentionally bit some tunes by established artists. Doesn’t work. Unless you mix different types of ideas.

if you remake a tune why would u put it on SC

Why not?

bc its not your tune?

fairplay if u fuck around like that to work on /practice producing but u know what it sounds like, dont really need feedback

Just dick flexing at that point imo

I took “copied” to mean doing a track in the style of another artist, not recreating a specific track part by part. It can be useful as a tool to learn about someone else’s production techniques by trying to reverse engineer part of their sound that inspires you

I copped this MIDI file of a Reggae tune and made my own tune with it.

This is pretty cool.

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Sounds a lot like s.t. stream would do looooool


hey there, Ollie

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