Shinobi - Riddim Break

Finished this track up and finally have put it up on the soundy. Any feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: and anyone who follows, reports etc. will receive the same in return :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Bro you need to go tune that sub bass from (1:30)-(1:50) immediately. idk what program you use but add a pitch shifter and turn it down like 22 cents. I mean thats just a guess but it sounds super dissonant in my headphones. If you tried changing the cents or dropping it a semi-tone and it still doesn’t fit, you should hi-pass filter it to take out some of the presence. The rest of the song it sound sounds good but that sequence struck me as suuuuuuuper flat. Especially cause thats such a killer drop part, you want it sounding %120 if ya feel me.

Other than that, its pretty fucking cool. I like the low build filtered bass line driving your buildups, its really well done. So much so that i don’t really have much else to suggest.

Maybe try some noise control? By that i mean carefully automating some volume on your white noise generators. I noticed you had some super reverbed out high end echo thing that lasts most of the drop - effectively filling in the high end and creating space. Sounds great, but if you wanna try creating some extra movement, create a little fill and then for 8 or so bars cut the volume on the white noise with the bass, or at clever moments attuned to the bass sequence. This creates a sudden up in your face feeling, because the “room” shrinks at certain moments to give it a bouncy feeling.

hmmm, thats strange about the sub. Its the same for the drop entirely. I might have to sus out whats up with it. Might be my system not producing the sound for what it is… I hope not. My sub already has a HPF on with a bit of presesnce after the 100hz mark to fatten it a bit… Ill have to fix that shit straight up lol

The super reverb comes from using a reverb filter in serum. Ill have to bring the cut off down… or change to a HP or something. Thats a sick concept of the noise control. Definitely going to give that a try and have a bit of a gander at that.

Thanks for the feedback, as per usual man. You always put in a lot of effort on these replies xD