Shite eurodance tunes I made on eJay in 2002 when I was 13


Here we go again…
Is anyone actually still listening to these :joy:


Hard tunes for hard times. Here’s one I actually quite like, bit less cheesy, more of a hard trance vibe.


Been quiet for a while, but here’s a trancey banger for you!


So I was actually really proud of this when I made it haha, although it sounds kinda weird now. I remember being really into minimal techno at the time, and wanting to try and move away from the trance sound I was doing to something more dark and minimal. So this was my attempt at that, although it’s still at like 150bpm, so bit weird, but I don’t think I knew it could be changed :joy:


This one is pretty 'ard


A proper trip through the time machine. I didn’t even know what a DAW was when I was 13.


I probably didn’t know what DAW meant. The main thing making tunes on eJay taught me was getting a feel for structure and progression.


Penultimate upload from the DJ Seech Burger!


So here it is… the final track i produced on eJay back in the day. Hope some of you enjoyed this weird trip down a eurodance black hole.

All these are now available for free download on Soundcloud, as well at Bandcamp, if for some weird reason you feel the need to listen to these on repeat whilst on the bus to purgatory.



These are cool in a fucked up way

Wish i had my music 2000 tracks when i tried to make garage and hip hop. They would have been something…


Cheers guv. There is something perversely interesting about listening back to your old basic tunes.


All tracks are now available for free download as an album, so you can get them all with one easy click. How can you resist such an offer?!


This one is actually alright haha


Haha cheers. Yeah I quite liked this one, although thinking about it now, reckon it could have been a better vibe at like 115bpm or something, if only I knew I could change the tempo :sweat: