Sick Bro-DNB For Practicing UFC Moves on Your Homies

@Databoi on this one

Post the gnarliest greasy DNB, pots and pans/noisy neuro shit

like this

or this

or this

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NOT cheeky roadman jump up, strictly middle class angry dude beats

lol… :joy: sig plz

You taking a shot at me or you actually joined a gym and want to work on your flying armbar?

not takin a shot man

but dont act like u dont know exactly what I mean lol

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dw cream

soft DNB for cute thin english boys thread is coming soon


I want to call you out on some tumblr-trigger and call you some type of brophobia-ist or something, but I did honestly listen to Mefjus while doing push-ups and shadow boxing in those days.

This one rides like a stampede of bros on horses on their way to the pint house imo…


so many throwing stars, nunchucks and scorpions for pets

(if i was going to get raped by an alien it should have to sound like phalando please )

(this guy is billains mate who for some reason was totally slept on, but one of my favs)

i hate “twisted individual” so much tho… seriously

He once did an interview for the now defunct Knowledge magazine (because junglists dont/cant read) where he was walking around this phat estate of his and showing the interview girl all his torture/sex equipment and being all creepy in a blatantly gimmicky attempt at pushing his whole “omg im disturbed making disturbed music for disturbed people” angle and as a result i was never able to hear out anything he made ever again.


homemade :hankey: :+1:

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Of course man is a nob. When I first heard him I was like, “these tunes have no parts… they just loop and loop and then they’re done.”

But the song titles: priceless.

Boom Shank is actually one of the better things he’d ever done, plus OP said aggy neuro, which that sorta was (sorta)…

Remember when Functcase wore the mask and everyone thought it was Twisted’s new gig? LOL.

I have him over this weekend; I’ll tell him some canadian bro said hi.

Gimmickly consistent imo. Why the fuck did he ewven wear the mask? Not to go down as the dubstep douche with his Electro House friends when the fad was over?

Ahaha safe yea, met him last year in Toronto. He knows one of my closer production friends fairly well from that same night. He’s good people tho, been giving us bare links on filters and such. I doubt he’d remember me.

He remembers you; he remembered everyone at ours after he was here for the first time lol.
I agree btw, nicest guy in the hood.

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lol made my day tbh… tell him we’re sorry they got NC-17 to ruin the night with roadman jump up after his set…

On that Twisted Individual follow up tho, I feel like theres more bants to be pulled out of this one for the thread;

Twisted Individual
Real Name:
Lee Greenaway


Badder G, Bogey Man, Gary Banton, Kevin Ranks, Lee Greenaway, Optimus Prime, Swamp Monster & Jungle Whore

Let's explore the poetry that is a Twisted Individual song title:

Donkey Punch
Soiled Snatch
Pull My Finger
Nappy Rash
Vegetarian Meat Mash
Greasy Fist
Beef Dripping
Bollock Yoghurt
Bum Troubler
On The Back Seat Of Her Daddy’s Truck