Silkie - Fractals

New Silkie album, out on Distal’s Anarchostar label

out July 14, didn’t see much talk about this one for some reason.
Listen to Love Affair here:

don’t sleep on this one - great record!

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yeah very very solid album, vibing selection of sounds and work at other bpms. big fan of this- large up silks
artwork is tuff aswell!


  1. Moments
  2. Arcada
  3. Love Affair
  4. Escape Route
  5. Majik
  6. Swank
  7. Entrapment
  8. Limits
  9. Moda
  10. Cascada
  11. Upstate

Will this be out on vinyl?

yes - vinyl & digital




Just premiered Escape Route.

Was hoping these four tracks would’ve made it as bonus tracks for japan or something :rage:

£28 for 2 vinyl wot

Price is a pisstake but man this is so so good!!!

big big release! can’t wait for my copy to get here

tho i was hoping the street fighter tune hes got and the FF7 tune had made the album, absolute fire on those

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I was really hoping for that street fighter tune as well!!! spewin!

can i get this digitally anywhere yet? It was suppose to be out july 14th?

edit - its out today the 24th July Digitally - Sweeeeet

i cant wait to play love affair, swank & moda. hopefully someone brings him to australia this year.

why is it so expensive?

Probably because it’s a US pressing.

I was bit reluctant to shell out on this one at first, but after a couple of listens I can say I don’t regret buying it!

Silkie is still the undisputed king of soulful 140 imo.

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Hench lp. Dancing shapes to entrapment in my room

word. this is such a good album.

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