Simplist least complicated DAW to use for mac


I dabbled in Reason when i was 16 that i loved, bought Logic then gave up alltogether.
I’ve tried Ableton which seems a bit easier but still too complicated so i get put off.
Yeah i know there are good tutorials but still i wanna know what you think is the easiest DAW to learn


Hands down. Only started producing myself about 3 or 4 months ago. Never touched a DAW before then.
So easy to learn, tons of tutorials. Its own VSTs are really strong but it supports all types of plugins.

And it’s free, and constantly updated. You can pay for a license ($60) but you don’t have to. But if you do it enables the dude who makes Reaper (the guy who created Winamp) to keep updating it and making new features. So pony up.


Did you get the free version? Is the free version the same as the paid for one?


The free version is the same as the paid version but with a nag screen every time you open it lol literally that’s the only difference as far as I can see! I use it myself


Yup @Test is right, it’s a little grey box in the top left that says about buying a license every time you open the program. After 2 or 3 seconds you can click the keep evaluating box and it disappears.

Paid or unpaid the program is 100% the same, with the same features, support, updates etc.

Paying for the license just helps the devs keep the program going.


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you cant even speak you’re own language so Idk if you’re qualifide to work on a dow but abelton is what I use and I think it’s the best. it’s not officially free though but who pays for it anyway?

oh yeah and I started on reaper as well back in a day and used it for some time but imo you should go straight to something more “professional” and “standardised” such as ableton. saves you time and no need to learn a new interface more than once


What about Fruity Loops? It’s on Mac now.
Is Cubase on Mac too?
Are there any others?

Cheers @sleepwalk_1980 and @Test gonna download Reaper tonight



I hear fruity loops is similarly easy to work with. Plus 99% of the og grime artists started on it and look what they accomplished.

Use whatever works for you. It’s not what you use after all…


Logic is the easiest to understand imo, very linearly organized, abletons way more confusing with “triggering scenes” and clip envelopes and all that, and having to learn how that translates between the timeline view/session view. In logic you just lay the audio and midi down along the timeline.

BUT abletons better thought out to get you using electronic music tools to their unique strengths, rather than half trying to replicate a traditional studio environment like Logic/Reason kinda do.


there are multiple ways to skin a cat. I for one have no idea what triggering scenes and clip envelopes are but I’ve imo successfully made music with ableton for years. I would dare to say that it’s 100% possible to build a track without ever entering the session view. I still dont understand what to do with it


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I struggled keep motivated with Logic or Ableton.
My attebtion span has completely gone at this point also life gets in the way.
I just want to try some of the other DAWs that i haven’t had a go on yet, might keep me captivated more than Logic or Ableton
Maybe even go back to Reason.
Deff want to give Reaper a go and maybe Fruity Loops


Logic or abelton prolly

Logic has shitty little drop down menus everywhere tho

I use reason and I love it but I don’t usually recommend it just based on it not being everyone cup of tea

Also reaper is perfectly good I use it for recording but cba using it for midi and shit when I have reason. I heard you can change all the themes for reaper andake it look like what ever program anyway


if you can’t hack ableton then how do you expect to be productive with reaper? it doesn’t (or at least didn’t when I used it) even come with its own synths


The easiest DAW is the one you learn first. I use Cubase which is arguably the most complicated, but it’s just because I learned it first, if I try and use another DAW now I’m like, fuck learning this, I can do all this in Cubase.


Download synth samples / midi / effects vsts
Or download a synth vst

You don’t NEED a built in synth to be productive?!