Simplist least complicated DAW to use for mac


Because that’s what the dub producers did with 4 track tape (drums and bass bounced down to 2 tracks then effects added with 'verb on top) and I just stuck with it. I said ‘preferred’ work flow though, I don:t do it all the time. It does let me get an idea of where I could place something in the mix though, \like I think front-to-back as well as left-to-right and I like whipping crash echoes etc around the sound stage and so on. I’m very dub influenced with minimal parts made really wet.

Where do you put it then?


Reverb is beyond being relegated to the number 3 position. It is bigger than that and cannot be contained. It is universal and omnipresent. Reverb comes from the stars.


EQ then reverb.
Everything else can fuck off.
Apart from delay. Delay can stop for a drink.


Lol okay

Look I wasn’t writing out the Ten Commandments


Haha I love the passion to the craft that we would argue over whether reverb is more or less important than another effect.


I’m an ends-justifies-the-means type of producer really, only because I’m so fucking budget I try to avoid buying anything lol

I like to think I’m still discerning though


Amen to that.


FL Studio is ideal for mapping out beat patterns. That’s why Benga used to create all his drum loops on FL and bring them into Logic.

Usually for people the first DAW you use is the simplest one to use so I would just find some free trials and demos and see which one is best for you.


I only use audacity


Do you really?


Yer da uses dance EJay


Playing with Rave EJay when I was a kid is genuinely what got me interested in electronic music production