Six Sunsets - Fever Skank/Elegy Dub [6S001]

Six Sunsets are extremely proud to announce their first major vinyl release - 6S001. This double-sided 12” white label demonstrates the signature sound that the duo has become known for over the past year - the backwards drips and wubs of ‘Fever Skank’ combined with the ruthless bassweight of ‘Elegy Dub’ provide the perfect setting for first-time exposure to the duo’s militant approach to all things sub-heavy, whilst satisfying the tastes of those already familiar with the Six Sunsets sound.

FatKidOnFire have got the premiere right here, check it out!

Limited edition of 300.

Pre-orders are available now on the Six Sunsets store, which will also give you free access to ‘6S001D’ - a digital bonus EP of previously unreleased material.

6S001 will be out on limited release from the Six Sunsets store on 30/11/2015, with general release following soon after.

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fever skank is awesome

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Elegy Dub <3

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Thanks man!

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Out today! Exclusively through BigCartel at the moment, general international release coming in a couple of weeks’ time.


You can pre-order through a number of major stores here:

White Peach:



Intense Records: