Skream's cockney in Dubstep Files

Hey everyone,

I’m watching Dubstep Files but I’m having real trouble with Skream’s interview.
It’s too unintelligibly to me : /
I wrote what I could understand but please help me because I’m not a native speaker!
Please copy paste the text and fill in the blanks, thanks in advance!

X(?)=Not sure
(???)=Unintelligibly to me

What’s happening this is Skream and you’re watching Dubfiles.
I got into (um) making dubstep when I was about fourteen just from basically doing underground garage to (uh) (???) El-B, the Wookie(s), (uh)Artwork (???)all them sorta people and (uh) yeah basically just started going(?) to Big Apple Records, my brother Hijak used to work there, ??? Hatcha who was planning this sorta underground, underground sorta sound and I just got on it from there really. I was going Velvet Rooms from like the age of fourteen just bringing beats and get them played at Forward(FWD>>).

Dubstep is whatever you want it to be man. There’s no I don’t know like defining(?) because it is (???) different from else from somewhere some people who want to get away on their own and just chill out without having their face watched. For me it’s just about beats, bass and energy really but you know what I mean.
Skream the producer always comes first because it’s my livelihood that’s got me into the places to play. (???) I always (???) DJ when I was younger but/then(?) it get’s a bit you felt like you never gonna make it because (???) offered a (???) at the time for me it was like with DJ’s like EZ and all(?) people like that you couldn’t (???) get into the garage scene so(???) you gotta start writing your beats (???) producer and then, then they want you to come play your music innit/ain’t it(?).
A DJ definitely pushes the sound because you going out and playing(?) (???) and (???) tunes and I got to bang this for everyone else some plan sort of some of the best tunes from the scene and I’m showing the people some of the best tunes from a new type of music.

Sonar Festival last, like a couple of weeks ago was probably a big highlight because (uh), because there was 8000 people there, you know what I mean, just having(?) it to dubstep music and just… just seeing something completely amazing and seeing something that you saw growing up, pushing and believing in(?) and I sort of answer everyone’s stupid questions about where this music is going.
(???) 2003 and it’s like some of the stuff was, it was original for the time, but you know what I mean, and it was like now some of the stuff (???) gonna built(?), not all the time (???) put together and it’s gonna be alright (???) no one else to work of, it was just like weren’t really much of a scene. There were a few guys doing stuff so then, but the sound is changing (???) the production has got a lot better, like mixed down, engineer-y(?) side of things(?), it’s a lot more at the moment more energy more dancefloor more sort of it’s, it’s the deejaying-thing(?) , but you know what I mean, but it’s obvious because now I’ve got to make people dance and (???) play (???) some dancefloor sort of stuff.
But I got some alternatives sort of shit like some deep basslines, (???), (???) to be honest.
Judgement was really just a tune me and Benga done just one of many that we done at the time and it got a lot more attention, and a lot more… it just caused a lot more of a stud(?) me was like fourteen and he was like thirteen I think, or it was around fifteen, sixteen. It was like the big boys weren’t make tunes like this (???)5000 dollar(?)(???) studios and where as we just had PCs and samples, but you know what I mean, so it was yeah the tune done us really good (???) attention early which I believe caused the (???) still getting the attention now, it just sorta kept on aiming at the top of a scene that wasn’t really doing much for a little while and then by the time we did start moving, we were still sort of at the top of the game.

I made Request Line basically just from being bored of turkey sandwiches(?), I don’t know for the festive season I just wanted to get back on writing some beats and (uh) just yeah sat down and to be honest it started out as a grime tune, but then I thought (???) a grime tune? (???) and that was the sort of bass (???) and stuff and it just sort of come from there but it/we(?) didn’t blow up, the tune didn’t blow for like a year and half until after I made it, you know what I mean. It was a weird one because it was like by the time that blew I had so much new stuff, and stuff that was like banging, and that was getting the attention (???) going back a few steps or (???) just carrying on doing what I do, so I just carried on, doing what I’m doing(?) (???).
Making tunes like Summer Dreams it was like for me it was, I’m getting back (???) garage genera… my age group (???) dark, jazzy Zed Bias, Maddslinky, Phuturistix stuff

I stopped about here because I got tired but if anyone could expand that would be great!


tbh most blanks are muttered fillwords (“like”, “yeah”), you’re not missing any content.

Are you sure? It seems like he mentions an artist after Artwork around 0:57-1:00.
There are also some long blanks that sound like complete gibberish (to me), for example:
2:41-2:55 after “gonna built, not all the time(burp)…”
3:20-3:26 after “some deep basslines…”
4:50-4:58 after “Making tunes like Summer Dreams it was like for me it was, I’m getting …”

To be patently honest, Skream’s not really the guy dropping valuable knowledge. Don’t invest too much energy into a sixteen yo’s ramblings.

Come on that guy did a serious writing work lol

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Listened through part of your transcription. Yes, you’re missing a few words, but you got the general meaning. He pronounces ‘what’ without the ‘t’ and says ‘bangers’ to mean tunes that are known to be popular in a dance context.

Okay, thanks. But isn’t he like 21 in here? This is 2008 and in Breezeblock 2006 Mary Anne says he’s 19 years old… : /

I’m way more lazy as you clearly but if you put the exact times then I can give you the words spoken

If you could check my reply on this topic behind jrkhnds, that would be great!
Those have my first priority

he’s from West WIckham so not technically cockney (not even technically london), but the words are things like:

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“sorry Menta”

as in, he said Artwork but then realised he meant to say Menta because that was his garage alias.


You had me there.

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So it’s “Sorry, Menta” :wink:

Is it me or did the video disappear from my opening post?
Here is it again:

Thanks for the replies!

The only blanks I really want to know atm are:
2:41-2:55 after “gonna built, not all the time(burp)…”
3:20-3:26 after “some deep basslines…”
4:50-4:58 after “Making tunes like Summer Dreams it was like for me it was, I’m getting …”

How did I miss this thread? :cornlol:

But if i’m gonna go do a certain type of track, i know, Bang i can use that noise, then i use this noise, put them together ruhruhruh (blah blah blah)

Subbed out things, but no, got bare different stuff on at the minute to be honest

It was… I’m going back in my past, when i’ve grown up listening to tunes, i was a garage boy

He wasn’t that hard to understand.