SL MKII vs Akai Advanced

So I am on the look out for a keyboard. I have 14 years experience of playing guitar and throughout the years I have played piano/keyboard here and there. I want to play/learn a jazzy bluesy soul funky kinda hip hop trap vibe. I’m not looking to play mega fast or crazy, I just want to be able to get the job done. However I would also like to be able to use this keyboard for a live setting where im able to be as involved live as I am with guitar -meaning I’d like to be able to control as much as possible without having to touch my computer too much. I am leaning toward the Akai Advanced because I like the feeling of the keys but I like the SL’s ability to communicate with Ableton.

Does anyone have experience with these? What would you say is the best for my application as well as your own?


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I had the SL mkII I wan’t impressed. It had a lot of knobs, and sliders, but I thought it was over priced. The keyboard broke on me. The keys ended up triggering different velocities.

The feel was eh. I’d go with the aka advanced.