Sleeper appreciation thread


haha the one time i agree with u and you throw me under the bus!

jk, I feel it though, its pretty over the top. Was a fun dub to hear out in the dance when this stuff was still bubbling


1st one’s forthcoming Sleeper on Chestplate

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Thanks for the b-day present :salute:
Been away a while, so much to catch up on


some mental bits in here

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Some stompers in here.


New sleeper on system up for pre!


Feels cheap 1st posting a song share request but you guys are probably my last resort. Ive spent the whole night searching for 2 free tracks by Sleeper from ~2012 era but all the soundcloud links are gone and none of the upload links to hosting sites are working either. So do any of u have these 2 tracks lying around that they could upload/share to somewhere for me (and anyone else looking for them in the future)
The tracks I cant find anywhere are:
Sleeper - The 2nd Step
Sleeper - Submerged

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i have an entire folder of sleeper freebies but i dont have those two, sorry m8, good luck on getting em tho, there are some proper nerds on here that prob have em


If anyone has submerged send it over to me a well pls