Sleeper appreciation thread

So, seeing how the ‘Ask Yourself’ remix is now finally going to see the light of day I thought it would be a good idea to start this thread, seeing as there wasn’t one up already.
I remember a couple years back when CHST017D came out literally everybody rinsed ‘Transitions’ and Sleeper & District tunes were everywhere, but for me personally I’m really digging the later, solo material he’s brought out.
Don’t get me wrong, like most of you on here I was well hooked on the whole “dungeon” vibe which S&D did so well, but I’m really glad he decided to go it alone and push the envelope a bit more.
With that said though, one of my fave tunes is still ‘3.5 grams’ xD

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Operator Dub is a percy for me, still draw for that pretty much every time. Personally not feeling Ask Yourself…I dunno, think it’s the vocal I don’t like, but wotevs, most of his newer stuff I do like

Excellent DJ too, crucial recordings podcasts are some of my fav mixes, good selection and blends and those mixes have introduced me to new artists too

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Yeah Operator Dub is definitely a big one, the bleepy sounds in that tune epsecially are pure :fire:
I guess I like Ask Yourself a lot since I’m quite a big fan of Plastikman as well, and personally I think the remix pulled that particular track to higher heights, the spacing in particular gets to me.

Indeed, his selections and mixes never disappoint tbh.
It’s always a bummer to listen to a producer you really like DJ for the first time and finding out he’s got absolutely zero skills behind the decks.

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Jeeeez :gunfinger:

think this one might be 007…

so I’m guessing 006 is EVA808

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Fuck me… trying not to buy any records atm, but I doubt I’ll be able to resist that eva808 when it does eventually come out

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one of my favs

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rate this

I liked the OG already, but Sleeper’s remix is just pure badness

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definitely agree on that!

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this one


I never even knew the first tune was sleeper until recently
this had me fucking boggled in mixes

Overflow part 2 is my all time favorite lost dub of his.

Still banging out Ritual/Tidal on a regular basis absolute chooons

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Crushin EP has some killer vibes.

I think Akai Headbutt samples the track Title off the It Follows soundtrack by Disasterpeace

Zombies is still a rinser, smasher… not one for listening to sober on your own however


yeah prob my fav dungeon bit, was pretty cutting edge at the time

this one is a guilty pleasure as well albeit p b8

Haha I hate that VIP it’s like when they make a sequel to a movie which should just only be the first movie and nothing else.