Slim phatty with midi or microkorg?

slim phatty is only $200 more and I have a bunch of midi keyboards, so why not just run midi through it?
Anybody have one? I’m assuming it’s better because it’s a moog, which I don’t usually do. But come on, it’s a moog!

Do it, I have the little phatty and I absolutely love jt

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word, i’m gonna. I’m gonna finance one through zzounds

Yeah good move. Honestly it’s a great move because the microkorg is seriously a toy when compared to this thing. I mean there are some features that would be cool on the slim phatty that are on the microkorg but in terms of sound quality there’s just no comparison with moogs oscillators and filters

True that homie. Check this video out, it’s what got me hype to get it.

Dude plays nice basslines

EDIT: Alittle disappointed in mono, but if I need to I’ll just sample it I guess to get poly functionality

Yeah mono is a limitation that’s common among analog synths, especially the more affordable ones. But yeah you can just re-record the same preset with different notes to get around that, that’s what I do for polyphony.

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