Slimzee on NTS

Big Don Dada of grime. His NTS shows are always fire and he gets some sick guests!

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going b2b with Randall tomorrow

Big up the guy, proper safe & a ridiculous DJ

is this dnb randall?

if it’s a jungle special i’d imagine so yeah

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oh wow I completely missed that.

btw NTS >>>>>> Rinse

from a biased perspective

rinse has got some big shows but i haven’t listened to many shows in a while, a lot of their kind of big name shows like hessle swamp and youngsta haven’t been doing it for me

been enjoying radar a lot for sure too

and rinse constantly posting memes is quite wack

yes what’s with their fb clickbait? so cringe.

I still listen to the Hessle & PAN shows though.

I catch Slimzee’s NTS show every week through Mixcloud.

Haven’t caught a live one yet.

Looking fwd to hearing Randall and him.

amen to that, I don’t really know what’s up with that
the Rinse label has also been reaally hit and miss ever since they invited Richy Ahmed to do their last mix CD

Randall on deck now. Slimzee coming on b2b Randall later on.

last show with mumdance and trim was biig

slimzee sounds like a drunk at the pub muttering at the fruit machine when he’s on mic

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DJ Slimzee go side by side

Sir Spyro – ‘Side By Side’ (Slimzee VIP)
Blay – ‘Leng’
Asifkid – ‘Unearthly Presence’
Trends – ‘Iron Fist’
Geeneus – Unknown
JT The Goon – ‘Bass Tape’
Asifkid – ‘Level Next’
Trends – ‘Saw’
Spooky – Unknown
Trends – ‘Dark Clouds’ (Slimzee VIP)
Tsundr – Unknown
28 Hurtz – ‘Hot Rocks’
Trends – ‘In The Jungle’
JLSXND7RS – ‘Undertaker’ (Slimzee VIP)
Sirpixalot – ‘R Biz’
JLSXND7RS – Unknown
Dullah Beatz – ‘Gun Smoke VIP’
Agent X – ‘Galaxy’ (Trends Remake)

Sirpixalot was on tonight covering for Slimzee while he’s in NYC.

Seems like the big man’s sacked off NTS to return to Rinse as of this week

Fair play, similar thing happened with Slackk/Boxed crew a few months ago - shame to see him go though, the few shows of his I did were jokes.


yeah saw that rinse thing pop up and wondered if he’d do both.

yeah tbf i’ve noticed nts nicking a few radar top people as well hah

but yeah pretty long, swear the reason he was on nts in the first place was cos geeneus wouldn’t give him the time of day until nts started boosting him back to headline slots…

for someone to take his place though, i really can’t think who’s got the selection and name to take that show bar spooky- literally everyone’s on rinse- j cush, faze, boxed, spyro, bbk, logan’s on kiss still right

shame to see him go but you could catch nearly all the same beats in the trends radar show - but he did get in such sick mc’s and guests

Yeah the selection was getting a bit 1-sided on the Dullah/Trends/Sir Pixalot teary grime vibes recently, flawless mixing though and the vibes when he went for a special show or got some guests in (Randall, Newham Gens, Skepta, J-Cush etc) were second to none.

Wouldn’t be surprised if NTS just rotate some of the newer bros in that Thurs night grimey slot, Circadian, Akito, Deadboy etc

Boxed is the best show though atm, their Rinse show has been immense quality every week since the flip over