Slow dubstep wob help

Easy all hope your good.

Anyone put me in the right direction of making these kind of wobs?

I’m on phone so I can’t post links, but ones like at the second half of Kahn’s “Way Mi Defend”, “Dread” and SP:MC’s “Declassified”.

I run Logic without massive.

All helps is appreciated!

Yeah man these things can be made with lowpassed wobble basses formed upon squares and sines pretty much. To give them more character (I first came up with this by listening to Skrillex’s track ‘Fuck That’), you can automate the lowpass and highpass to come in so that when the bass “wobs” or makes that movement, subbass can come off of it in short little bursts. Really neat trick for making those old school sounds sound a bit less boring.


Large up!