Smear Dub/Bengal Sound Basssssss (new White Peach)

I gave up trying to make a smear dub’ish type bass a while ago, now this new White Peach has dropped and i wanna give it a go again, sounds similar, love it, shit at working out stuff for myself tho

heres the new, released today

Smear dub for those who dunno

I know its simple, but how? Squared reverbed lfos? amp mod? can’t get it to sound right at all folks plz throw me a pointer.

I think it’s just wob wob wob wob snare wob wob


snares make a lot of difference to how your bass wobbles


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pretty much the standard wubwubwub

this should do it on most synths - play around with EQ add some reverb and you have dank wubs

makes this sound (loop is trash you need to put in time to turn it into something above - litterally random notes and random lfos:) but should get you started

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mmm feels like the bass people were asking questions about 7 years ago here

For something constructive I’d say you’ve been given the “core” mechanics of the sound. Maybe a tight reverb (<0.5s), maybe some chorus. just something to place it in the real world and you’re good to go.

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sounds like u need to go more for sine waveforms, those wubs sound a bit square-ish, also adding a bit of reverb will make them sound more like the tracks you posted in the op

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Yeah try layering the square type one like above, layered w same patch same LFOs but 3xsine the squares can add character - play with levels and EQ to get whatever sounds you want.

tbh you shouldn’t be trying to achieve the SAME as the tunes you posted - try to come up with something new or what’s the point.


Also resampling is needed at some point, try reversing the sample, mess with pitching etc… can all give interesting “movement” feels

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I like to use just a sine wave and slightly FM it with another sinewave pitched up an octave to give it those mid frequencies, bang the whole thing through an LFO with the resonance up fair a way to accent the wobbliness, split your freqs in to sub and mids/tops and then put a nice short wet reverb on the mid/tops, it’s piss easy to do with ableton’s operator

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Mids - Operator patch, course 1 sine wave, fm from course 2 sine wave, fm from course 4 sine wave, lfo with resonance at about 20%, cut sub freqs, light saturator and reverb on mid freqs,

Sub - second Opertator patch, just one sine wave at course 0.5, same lfo settings as mid patch, eq with asevere lowpass

group both sub and mid channel, put compressor on group channel to gel them together


It sounds sick but is the compressor really necessary? I could understand if you were using different sources like two samples but I think you can tweak the envelopes you could without the need for a comp. Maybe switch the ‘light saturator’ to a bass amp (emulator, if you don’t have the real thing), that often helps things gel partially because it forcibly aligns the envelopes in addition to adding a consistent set of harmonic overtones making it sound like one ‘thing’ if you know what I mean. I really recommend looking into psychoacoustics to understand how the ear perceives different sources so you can predict what will go together and what won’t (it’ll help you come up with crazy sounds more easily imo).

My mate could get some right wobs out of the Operator though, it’s a decent synth isn’t it!