Snails Appreciation

thread dedicated to the king of vomitstep

godammit i want to see a HeRobust x Snails x Oolacile collab, shit would be fucking crazy

Now I’ve seen everything.

Nothing wrong with the thread tho.

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is this the kind of edm where its so bad it makes you wanna throw up

Thought this was going to be a thread with cute snail pictures.

Sorely disappointed.


lol i only made this thread because his sound design is top fucking notch

And I only posted that pic/post because it’s almost 2017, and still it’s a must to have a new subgenre invented out every week, usually involving some random word combined with “step”. Do agree on his sound design being sick tho, big up to him for that.


:snail: :snail: :snail:

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right when I clicked shums hart his avatar changed. lol

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new mix