Snare pitch help

Can anyone give me a hand with making pitched snare reverb?

In tunes like something in the sound and under control, the snares sound very similar if not the same, however they sound in a different pitch to each other (finding this rather hard to explain hahaha)
I’ve tried pitching them myself, using different reverbs and playing with the room size but they sound shit :confused:

Anyone lend a hand? Safe! :smile:

In Ableton you can transpose the snare up/down by clicking on the sample and dragging the wheel. Hope this helps. It may get the desired effect.

try lfo on the snares pitch, really moderate one tho, that way each snare shud sound different

Cheers for the feedback guys, running logic me tho pal :confused: I’ll deffo try the LFO thing out though!

easiest way to get this ‘effect’ is simply by taking any percussionsound like conga, bongo wood knocks whatsoever and put reverb on this one layered with the snare, then you got a snare with verb of that sound with should be more defined reverb than the one of a snare. btw the under control one is a rimshot, rimshots are your best friends anyway when it comes to this kind of sound.

you could also put an eq after your reverb (if your reverb hasnt got an eq already) and cut everything except a certain peak so only one tiny freqband goes through, or you put an eq peaking on a certain frequency on your snare/rim/percsound/etc, just try experimenting with these things.

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Plus 1 for layering a bongo with reverb. Although I often find that Eqing on reverbs should be a more broad strokes and subtle approach. I usually just boost a bit that sounds good by a few dB(not always) with a wide q and both out some low MIDs. I then use a high pass filter but not a very steep on to remove the bass

That kinda reverb usually comes from something with a more woody and midrange frequency curve such as skin percussion instruments or wood blocks etc. Snares have a lot of high frequency content from the snares bon the bottom which makes the reverb sound a little fizzy.