Someone please write & record a ripping synth solo for this


aka “lets collab” (on this synth solo away from being finished track)

i believe its in Ab/Fm would like a single voice square wave synth w/ some rippin mod wheel :mrgreen:

if youd like to do this pls pm?


I’ll try and derp something out a bit later


I’ll hotbox somebody’s cat and let it run back and forth on my midi controller yo


me trying to record 1 for 2 hrs earlier today sounded pretty much what I imagine thatd sound like



My attempt wasn’t great either. Might try again later today


Play it half speed, same pitch, and record midi doodles. If that fails, call me and I will hotbox your cat.

God - I had this old cat I knew who was a blues/jazz pianist that could just rip these funky leads like effortlessly. He died earlier this year. Miss that guy.


Wish I could do that.

btw sad times :frowning:


help from neehar & johney