Someone tell me if this is good or shitty please:)

Hello everyone,

Like the title says, this was something experimental.
I’m satisfied with how it turned out,
but I’d like to know what you guys think. :v: :jointbounce:

Bait question innit.

If you ask around here most ppl are gonna point out how mid-rangy the b-line is and the lack of novelty in the beat…

I think there’s potential in the sounds themselves, but maybe not what you have here.

But dat’s just me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Aight man, thanks! Peace

IMO, you showed your own feeling from the track properly, but you’d better add some more instruments (e.g. percussion or some sfx) and variation in the music. And I felt like there were some blanks in mid-range, as he mentioned it above.

Anyway, Nice try! Good job.


The kick gets kind of buried in the bass and I wish that there was a bit more cymbal and percussion action but there were some cool ideas in there no doubt. The vocal sample that came in at the beginning was really cool and the main bass sound is definitely a cool sound to be used

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Hey guys,

I want to thank you for all the feedback.
I’ll definitely be using those pointers in the future.

Thanks again!

This… Is pretty bad. Your synth work needs a lot of repair. The modulation is random and not rhythmic at all.

Best of luck on working on putting out higher quality music :slight_smile:

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Best of luck writing a post that doesn’t require deletion there mr dubs pringles

You helping is not rythmic or helpfull at all


hahahahaha ffs

op: this isn’t my kind of music but your wacky automation on the bassline actually held my attention for longer than other bro. listened through the whole track. keep doing your thing.


I kinda think with a bit of practice u could be onto something. One thing to try is taking one of your little phrases from your bass line and using that as the basis of your bass riff. That way its more cosistent and people become familiar with it and can groove easier. Plus the u can wrap the drum rhythm around that



Thank you guys for more feed back. I made this last year.
I had no real knowledge on mixing, song structure, theory, or anything like that.
I was simply puking my guts on this track. The automation, believe it or not, was completely strategic.
I mean to say that I focused on every bit of it.

Also, I’d never ask for a comment to be taken down. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion.
And I love the criticism :kissing_heart:

I’m currently working on track that I believe will actually show the level that I’m at as a producer.
If anyone is interested then stay tuned. I’ll be uploading it sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Peace and Love