Sonification and Atypical Sound Sources


Whoa this is sick.


your HDD is fucked mate


my old lappy used to make a lot of noise

like audible noise, but when i recorded it it sounded like that. i swear its the sickest sounding thing ever


I could see that being dancefloor fire…





Shit i haven’t been recording field sounds lately.

Speaking of terrible computer noises my desktop has 2 failing hard drives and Everytime it digs into them it makes some awful noises. I should record em


SAMPLE CONTEST M8 :badteeth:


Fuck a contest. Collective effort where people share found sounds. Iron sharpening iron.


Coincidentally I did just relocate my minidisc field recording kit… :thinking:







Seems like a good place to post these.
Someone I knew put his phone inside a piano and then destroyed the piano with a hammer. This is the result.

Feel free to use them for whatever.

Production competition ideas thread