Soul of Seun - Vacuum

Laid Back vibe on this one. Tried to create some background noise to simulate an airlock or something. Thoughts on the mix and track in general? Took me forever to get the mix down

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Really enjoyed this, sound design reminded me of some of the steppier ASC cuts. However, it did feel a bit loopy, like the second half was just a repeat of the first without any real variation. Maybe bring the piano into play a bit earlier on, or introduce another melodic element to act as a counterpoint to it.

Mix is :thumbsup: though

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feeling this a lot!

agree with tabasco, it kinda just carries on with more of the same. would be fine to end at 3.40 or mix it up a bit after the break

yea real nice, pretty much agree with @riddles and @tobasco, ending it at 3:40 could work well too. Ill Gates discusses this idea in one of his lectures, about a track finishing, or feeling like it’s finished too soon, gives the listener a sense of wanting more, whereas when you ‘drag it out’ (for want of a better phrase!), for another 2minutes, without much variation you kind of offer too much fulfilment to the listener, thus losing the desire for more, in effect you press replay for them, whereas if it ended at 3:40 they’d press replay.

Could be worthwhile having two different length mixes for different situations, the shorter mix for radio or the middle of a set, and the longer mix for a release or end to a set, maybe your playing a morning/day chill-out set and you want that longer more meditative/progressive mix, whereas the shorter mix you may use in the middle of a set, at night, as a mix tool…

Either way the mix down is very nice and the track has a lot of emotion, could work really well at two different lengths, though the longer with more variation on the second drop :slight_smile:

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