Sound Design Help/Request: Pitch Drop Phaser Bass

Hi guys! I would really appreciate it you guys could help me figure out how to make this au5 falling bass type of sound at 3:13 and 3:21. Thanks!

Since no one with better skills have answered to you i gave it a go, did not end up with good enough of an result compared to that but i think it might be made in Fm8 since it has that certain amount of distortion especially towards the end of the sound and stuff not sure though, i just added triangle wave to F osc and then added/linked A and B oscillators with square and soft tristate then just played around with velocity with an macro and some EQ modulation too, i suggest you give it a go yourself
My not so great try:
maybe that metallic/robotic sound is from vocodex or from some internal effects or something, for pitch i just changed portamento and mono on and timed it as i pleased and then added the glide notes in piano roll

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I think somebody actually answered to him at, there’s “somebody” asking the same question over there.

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