Soundcloud deletes NTS radio


they’ve been on mixcloud for all the uploads for well over a year and as long as i’ve worked there bcos soundcloud are long

this is a real non story i swear


Yee - old as fuq picture too. Radar’s was a bigger loss to them as they had all their content there, was dumb to not use Mixcloud from early tho as it was clear where the problems were

so in line with anything else fact vomits out

and soundcloud was always a bit shit idk why everyone is making such a big deal out of this

idk why but i prefer soundcloud interface to mixcloud which is why i use it more i suppose

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You’re unbelievable

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loll true

especially now that mixcloud made that fucking annoying thing where u cant see the traclist until u listen like 2/3 of a mix wtf up with that

and as for single tracks, I don’t know any other platform than soundcloud. myspace?

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+1 i find the whole interface clunky on mixcloud. If soundcloud continues to fuck everyone off someone just needs to come up with another soundcloud replacement, like what soundcloud did to myspace, then soundcloud will just disappear like myspace did

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Other alternatives;

Or take it back from a pre-built platform, get yourself familiar with Wordpress, bookmark WeTransfer and start a blog for your mixes.

Technically illegal, but hardly likely to result in label interference.

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I like the look of those two…just need to convince all the producers I like to start using them now lol

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lol exactly. would love to join youngcloud it seems promising but theres literally no-one special there

Tbh, racking up followers there would probably be to your benefit as the site grows.

i like mixcrate tbh - as opposed to other sites dedicated for mixes
you can download, got unlimited uploads as well (as long as files are 200 mb but lol just convert to 96 kpbs and put a 5 hour mix) and it looks so shit lol. there’s noone there tho like even the featured mixes on the front page have like 200 plays. proper truhed shit imo