Soundcloud.. relevant in 2017?

TL;DR:- Need to build fanbase leading up to album launch, is soundcloud best option or are there better alternatives?

Longer Read:-

Ok first a brief introduction…

I’m most known under the alias Outbound. I started a new Alias “Vael21” around 2 years ago and basically used it as a means for self-indulgent writing. A lot of my music was for self-enjoyment and although I’ve put up a couple of tracks on soundcloud, it was done under a new alias with very few followers.

Fast forward to now, I am currently half-way through writing an album. A lot of it is for myself but there is a lot of music I think others will enjoy so want to make a push for reaching out and rebuilding some of that lost fanbase.

What are my options for doing this in the lead to album launch? is soundcloud still relevant? are people preferring other platforms?


Host clips on Soundcloud, have links to buy on Bandcamp, promote via social media (Facebook/Twitter), consider a YouTube channel if you’re a dab hand at making videos.

Promote in relevant places/groups, don’t spam.

Yes, but don’t be surprised if they suddenly cease to exist at some point in the near future. Might not happen, mind, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket just in case.


Thanks for your input.

From that post it would lead me to believe my best bet is to widen my audience on facebook / twitter and youtube. (which atm is pretty non-existent)

I should probably do it fast as well as once / if soundcloud does drop suddenly, all those “fans” will be lost