SoundCloud: why do you hate us?


SoundCloud has a new app for creators – and it’s Android first

…The site has a new mobile app out geared not just for listening, but for creators managing accounts. And, here’s a reversal: while the app coming to iOS soon, it’s Android first.
SoundCloud Pulse is announced this week, available next (it’s in beta now). It’s a companion for managing your account. It’s already useful, if the functionality is narrow in scope:

  1. Reply to comments right in the app.
  2. Check live stats on how your tracks are performing.
  3. Set sharing for tracks you’ve uploaded (public/private).
  4. Follow users.
    So, it’s the ideal app to have in your pocket when you meet someone and want to check out their music, or make some quick changes to active accounts.

On the positive side: at last they’ve addressed some of the shit they stripped out of previous versions.

On the negative side: why package them into a separate app and roll it out on the most music-creation-unfriendly mobile OS out there?

caustic tho

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Yeah, with .5 ms latency. No thanks. Besides, there’s an iOS version of Caustic too.

wasn’t aware of this lol


the app was so shit i would use puffin flash browser & have to use that whenever i wanted to check my notifications/stats on my phone

this sounds much better

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just DLd, kind of shitty bc its so limited

Can look at stats, but just basic plays, cant expand & see who played/DLd tracks

at least its much much smaller than the regular soundcloud app & doesnt need both to work

Yeah the old one is awful, eventually settle for Browser>force desktop then ateast I could DL the mixes

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This goddamned piece of shit app (SC Pulse) doesn’t even fucking work. :confounded:

Tried to up a WIP from my phone last night, no love Dr. Jones. Thing just chugs, never opens.

So let’s see if I got the straight: they take away “creator” functionality like track & art upload, wait a year, release an app that supposedly handles that but actually doesn’t even work at all, ignore the creators’ preferred platform for first release… Oh and start charging more and running commercials. Am I missing anything?

It’s like they’re really trying to tank it IMO. I don’t understand. :confused:


Let’s Play: “Bot or Not?”

good news everyone!

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diesen klangwolke bist sehr krank

Scheibe Pferd Reiter klangwolke ?

Ich möchte einen Sturm von Klanges, bitte.

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kling klang weidlich


usually made up german works but went a little chinese there

You know what would vastly improve my SC stream?

The ability to flag a track or artist (or if their algorithms are as smart as they claim) as something you really, really don’t want to hear ever again - maybe even provide annotation for why?

I know the abuse potential there is big but FFS I’m getting to the point where i have to skip like 12 posts in a row to listen to something interesting.

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^There’s so many clone tracks on there that if you flagged the wrong (right?) one might just return a 404 Not Found and database errors to you from then on.

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You’re right.


Clone Warz lol.