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Politicians say it to sound politically correct enough to trick people into climbing into their pockets for a term or so. Normies wind up forcing dumb ethno-racial-esque ideas onto its usage. It’s pure clutter to our language and we should stop using it; a buzzword.


Well said


The platform has done so much for underground music everywhere, and we all know they’re coming under fire from large music holding companies what with all the mixes getting removed and all. If this helps them curb that and ensure their existence for a while longer, I’m more than happy to give back.


Should give money to get limewire better lawyers tbh.


I’m not reactionary, I’m a realist… And I’m not the one who ranted about soundcloud selling out to “corporate fascism”. U wot m8?


nah i meant they are getting sued because the bigger commercial labels currently have no way to monetize their product that is on there. Add in sub fee, now you have the capital to pay out pennies per click to Dj Khaled.


The truth is these chumps will just have to follow the demands of people like us

The problem is expecting conversation from a mouse in a suit but then we’ll just leave innit?

There was like no overlap of myspace and sc - just a new spot with a lot of the same people


Yea, that will happen exactly like that but tbh tho, me and a lot of people I know who make marginal unpopular music such as the music featured on this forum are getting out of the online game. The online rat race only works if you are popular or at least have a product that can appeal to 50k + people.

Once you factor in store fees, aggregator cut, the cost of production and graphics, income tax etc you are only making pennies per download in stores, and pennies per stream hit, you’re still losing money on 3-4k downloads which you wont get without being a popular dj because the current online infrastructure does not encourage discovery and favours the status-quo baitdom “others are buying this you should too ■■■■” approach lol.

At first I thought that losing money on somehting in this way was worth it just because of the exposure but in reality, you get no exposure from being in these online stores. Moreover, If you want to advertize on your own to a BandCamp-style store you end up paying adwords 1-2$ per click to a product that potentially sells for a 1$ - fees with no guarantee of a purchase conversion.

Soundcloud will start to see a lot of labels and people not bothering with them or other online venues shortly because its simply easier to reach truheds with limited run vinyl in real stores where zack efron dj’s dont shop. Once you sell half the vinyl in store (~150 of 300) you’re up a few thousand (turned a 2 cent wav into a few thousand dollars) and got distributed to places that matter via truhed shops that people (not zack efron) actualy shop in for underground music in Europe and the Uk instead of trying to post up bait marketing articles with neon gear on hammerica to push yourself on north american garrix fans with a sound that scares kids.

This, b2b scene forums will start to see a revival imo because its a well precise demographic for what you do and all you need is a dropbox account and you’re set. Then, your extra exposure will come from heds ripping the vinyl and passing it along in the clublandlv’s of the world for free instead of paying some corporation 2$ to bring you a 1$ customer 1 time out of 9.

Long ass rant only slightly relevant to SC charging sub. WTF am I even talking about…I only posted this cuz ive been sitting here for like 20 minutes… ban imo.


lol my mate was moaning about SoundCloud on fb yesterday


^ I’d say it’s time for the return of IRL scenes in peoples’ basements and the local rec center…

Been following this cuz for pretty much all of the last 5 years or so the majority of new musical discoveries I make have happened on SC. As a community platform it’s been unparalleled until the last 15 mos. and the real problem lies there I think - for people who’ve come to use it for the community aspect, it’s no longer as viable, and we feel cheated that “our” community’s been taken apart incrementally in little pieces. And yet - someone’s gotta pay for that server space and the farmers to run it right?

So I’ve been on the lookout for an alternative and TBH it’s a little grim. I mean, other sites do exist, but almost w/o exception their content sucks bawlls.

More reading if anyone’s interested:

Some of the so-called competition… I kind of like clowdy, but the rest… eh:


nooice one

gonna have a looksy


What about mix cloud?


I know the guys who started - they base out of Montreal. Its a cool looking platform but it relies on other platforms for content. Its just like a “i found this and like it so its in your feed cuz you follow me” viral engine. Theres a cool points based user-level element to it. Lots of cool thigs about it. Dunno how far it will go.


I just made a clowdy, looks really promising

fleet or nah


Didn’t clock you were in NY man. Where bouts?


capital district


You fuck with Numenon or Swim Team at all? Would be cool to spot a ninja at one of their shows in NYC.


never heard of them, i’m not down in NYC too often anyway, only been there like twice in my life lol


Get hip!


NI and Soundcloud corporate execs discuss monetizing music.