Soundcloud 🎢

The company’s CTO says that the new service for accessing its music will launch later in the year.

SoundCloud has confirmed rumours of a forthcoming subscription service.

The streaming platform’s plan for monetization has been the subject of industry-wide speculation for months, particularly after Sony started pulling its tracks from SoundCloud. A leaked contract last month hinted at a new tiered listening system, and now SoundCloud chief technology officer Eric Wahlforss has confirmed plans to launch a paid subscription service later on in 2015, according to Tech Times. Details are scarce, but the first tier would allow listeners to explore SoundCloud ad-free and download a limited number of files, while the second tier would provide unfettered access to the entire catalogue.



Not sure I even want to keep a soundcloud page if this is what they’re getting at tbh.

If this means that we can all carry on using Soundcloud like we currently do, but they are adding further levels of paid subscription to download content, then there’s no problem imo. If not, then in the same way Soundcloud took over from MySpace, something else will take over from Soundcloud.


Might cull the amount of shite though if DJ Cuntface can’t offer unlimited downloads on his unmastered spunkstep tune.

People will have to be more selective in what they download assuming they don’t want to pay for it, meaning the cream will rise to the top and hopefully the recalcitrant masses will have a long hard think about their life choices and fuck off.

If the tracks weren’t at least moderately well produced, people weren’t downing them anyway.
But I think that the point of soundcloud is to post rather terrible crap just because you made it.

It’s like wanking into a mirror which someone else is holding up for you, whilst you hold up a mirror for them.


Hmm looks like BandCamp might be getting more popular soon…


interesting impact expected on the pay for likes/plays/downloads industry

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…and this is the death of soundcloud. They have been slowly moving in this direction with the start of their copyright smack down campaign. They needed to purge the content before any money started getting involved. Its ok though…soundcloud was never really good at helping people find your music. Something better will def come along. Youtube works pretty well actually…I think youtube and reddit is killing this forum to be honest…

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Everyone online is acting like SC is doing this just because they want ruin your scene. You guys know they are doing this so that universal drops a massive lawsuit against them “because commercial labels cant monetize their songs on dj mixes” etc.

Have they said anything about artists making anything from this?
Or using a system like Bandcamp which allows bands to pay for additional free downloads for their fans?

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Whatever helps soundcloud make more money is probably what there going to do

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dollars sign on every f’ing thing. fascist socio economic ploys, legal abstractions, limited liability working-class exploitation and domination systems. time for Karma, the Sufferahs Choice then an early rise to go rent myself out to one of these fascist enterprises

damn bro… soundcloud is fascist because theyre going broke? cringe.

Considering the few options besides soundcloud, we may revert to passing shit over torrents or youtube or mixcloud.

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“Working Class” is a political buzz term.

@Databoi - Can’t have scenes anymore anyway… Internet’s murked that off.
Did you actually mean to say “so that” and not “because” or even “in order to prevent”

@SaveMidnight - That’s called buying a pro membership.

@dansci - Don’t let your reactionary instincts misdirect your thought. Successful black man quite blatantly didn’t say soundcloud are fascists.

Really? I would think many Hispanic undocumented immigrants would be categorized as “working class.”

Back to topic though, I’m not 100% sure I understand how their sub service would work, would there still be a free platform with ads or something?

So would a lot of people, in fact I’d go as far as to say that no ‘successful’ modern economy operates such that the “working class” does not constitute less than 50% of their workforce. Additionally, I’m not even sure that their ethnicity or national documentation need consideration in order for one to identify them as such.

Yeah that’s absolutely true, I was just using that group as an example. There are plenty of working class people of all ethnicities in the US.