SpaceGhostPurrp aka Harkat Hangout

it ain’t no joke


man going in today lol

im droppin light saber tampons for da bitches and louis vuitton jockey straps for da ■■■■■■

— SpaceGhostPurrp (@MarkeseRolle11) August 21, 2016

Picture me stroking a midget thot wit my r kelly zorro mask .. made out of louis vuitton

— SpaceGhostPurrp (@MarkeseRolle11) August 21, 2016


boy I’m dead :joy:




hahahaha is that off his Periscope?


Man with all this madness we gotta remember that he’s still the OG of OGs


Shits funny asf



Damn, fucking suspended from twitter again already


For real, he has so much potential to get back on top right now, the sound he pioneered is so influential in the new wave:

listen to that then this



gone alrady ffs





spaceghostpurrp podcast

nobody is allowed to make a house track sampling this, thats my idea


oh shit

ASAP mob uploaded that RIP Yams tune he made with an old rocky verse on their YT channel

I guess this means the beef is done for real


shit I hope purrp blow up. he deserves it


Lets just post our fav purrp music