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We need a nunu thread so


tmnt imo


I get a goat sacrificey vibe off that :grin:

so good

a more progressive side of purrp


cant wait for this tape

chorus is sooo harddd

fuck out ma way

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Wow I was just listening to his first two tapes today for the first time in ages. He was my favorite rapper in high school, sucks that he went so crazy but good to hear he’s still active.

did anyone listen to that new EP he dropped on bandcamp where nothing was produced by himself?

Wasn’t so interested because of that but that “why so serious” tune also not produced by him had a peng beat

I’m one of the few that fucks with SGP’s bars. Spits those axioms. :clap:

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Beep beep had to come back in for an emergency purrp update in light of recent news of Lil B cursing some guy

SGP is making religion cool again


Related ish:

New Raider Klan tape out of nowhere. What RK is at this point is confusin, hard to tell how serious the beef between SGP and seemingly everyone else is lol. I’m guessin Purrp had nothing to do with actual putting together the tape.

That Amber London “Fuck Out Ma Way” track that was supposed to be coming on her forthcoming tape is on it anyway, and that has a SGP feature and beat.

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its as weirldy convoluted as birthing triplets inside the vault in fort knox, trying to get a dl out of that site isn’t it ?

purrp turns 13 year old for a sec:

New purrp tune. Pretty cool beat but hes going full Lil B lately with the vocals lol

also he had a tweet today that was “if you can’t picture what I say in my songs u got autism” and a lot of the standard “dont trust hoes” stuff, cbf to link

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digging up semi interesting purrp updates for u stnuc is thankless work but someones gotta do it

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