Speed Garage vs Bassline?

I was listening to a mix on YouTube of Old Speed Garage and Bassline. I wanted to know what differentiates them. They are both 4/4 garage, and speed garage is late 90s, but bassline is early oughties. What is the difference, as they are both shuffly with kicks and snares, but speed garage has time stretched vocals + a dulled bassline, what makes bassline house different from it? Replies and explanations are appreciated!

Bassline is a derivative form of Speed Garage. Stylistically, there aren’t a lot of differences. Technique wise, bassline (being a newer and more recent genre) cannibalises older tunes a lot more as digital sampling is a lot easier nowadays.

Best bet is to have a read through the Wikipedia for both, they’re fairly concise;

Can you now connect the dots between Speed Garage and 2-Step?

I never mentioned 2 step, also how reputable is Wikipedia as a genre source?


Never mind, it makes sense now. So far bassline just seems like modern speed garage

That bassline uses elements/samples of speed garage records in it’s tunes.

Ok, thanks!

Bassline has more wobs and less dank house chords