Spoiler tags

Spoiler tags seem to have stopped working quite suddenly

tried to edit this post with a spoiler tag and it didn’t work, then @creamlord wanted to add the spoiler tags to his own post below this as well and its not working



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they don’t work if there is a full line break




yeah, it seems like that is a recent development though?

it used to work on just about everything i used it on, maybe im just a dummy tho

i dont know much about formatting etc

yeah seemed off to me too but I just shrugged it off thinking they were always like that lol

Hmm, I’ll try to fix it. The forum will be down for a few min.

EDIT: nope, it still doesn’t work - I’ve reported the issue to the Discourse crew.

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It works if the spoiler tags are in separate lines, e.g.:





It seems that this is a new technical limitation in rendering tags.

That’s strange, thanks for looking into it for us though