Spotlight [Deep Dubstep] - what to do with this?

Hey folks,
after eight month this track is still something special for me & i want to finish it. I have some ideas how i could rework it but would love to hear some opinions from you first :slight_smile:

I like that it’s calm and “pure”, but i don’t know if it’s too empty/boring?
And yes, it’s unmastered and way too quiet, i guess.

So please leave some words, i hope you enjoy!

this is actually pretty cool, i wouldnt say its too empty, but maybe you could have more variations in your drum patterns to keep it interesting

not sure about the “don’t you know that you’re not in the spotlight” vocal sample though, sounds slightly out of tune to me

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Yep a cool tune. I think that spot light sample is just far too dry and a bit loud.

If it had some reverbs and delays that were prominent it would blend in better.

It just sounds a bit stuck on top

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Hey Samuel & faultier,
thank you for your feedback, I am glad you like it!
Good tips from you, i will try to make the drums more interesting here and there and will keep an eye on the vocal sample. I hope i will find some time to rework it soon.

Any other feedback? :slight_smile: