Steinberg UR22mk.2 setup with Cubase AI RESOLVED

So I’ve bought the above interface so I can begin recording mixes. However this kind of equipment is totally new to me and I’ve never used any kind of DAW before now.
I’m having a nightmare getting the levels set up so the recordings from my mixer (Xone22) sound right. I thought I had it sorted yesterday, but when I recorded a mix today using exactly the same set up I was getting sounds of surface noise on quieter (and more importantly BRAND NEW) records and loads of clipping on louder cuts. There didn’t seem to be a middle ground and the bassline was coming through really weak and washed out.
I’m hoping there will be a solution that is quick, easy and will make me feel stupid.
I can provide any extra details necessary.
Godspeed dsf


Id recommend trying something like Audacity instead of a DAW if you’re just trying to record mixes. I’m not familiar with cubase at all tbh. At the very least using something simple like Audacity will remove a lot of the variables from the equation. Audacity is free btw.

Can you let us know how everything is hooked up? I’m not familiar with the xone22’s back panel, but on my A&H mixer there are quite a few options for audio output.

Using audacity is actually a great shout. Hopefully that should resolve things.
Set up as follows:
Mixer rca record out > 3.5mm converted to 3/4" line into interface
3/4" interface line out > 3/4" converted to 3.5mm into laptop microphone input

Gonna grab the laptop now and give audacity a quick go. Will report shortly

ahh m8, you dont want to go into the laptop input

hook the interface up via usb and install the drivers. It should show up as a input device in cubase/audacity after that

that should sort out your problems. those line inputs on laptops arent really meant to record music with.

It had to be something really spengy. I was powering it via the USB as well. USB input and audacity simplification has sorted things out. Cheers for the pointers. Now expect shoddy mixes to follow haha

nice one m8, shoot a link in the mixes thread when you get something recorded